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Henry is one of our Black Belts & a Heart Surgery Champion Survivor!
Our Black Belt: Mr. Williams heads the Karate Fit Program For the Children's Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation!
Sensei Teaching Special Needs Children at Friendship Circle
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USA Professional Karate Studio has been providing superior instruction to Squirrel Hill and the Pittsburgh community since 1981. 

 Our programs include Karate & Kickboxing for self-defense ages 4 and up. 
  Aerobic or Fitness Kickboxing for fun and fitness.
 Samurai Karate Birthday Parties.
 Summer Camps and Day Camps
  HYPER Pro  tricks, kicks and acrobatics program.
  FREE Self-Defense Seminars for Women, Children and Teachers.
  Soon we will be introducing new classes for the
Cyber/Virtual and Home-school community, Krav Maga and Special Needs!

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arate Good for Girls?  

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Bully Workshop Update:

         What a fantastic experience! Our Workshops and School Talks were amazing! Many kids, parents and teachers were empowered and happy to participate! We held 2 Workshops at our facility and out of popular demand we repeated them again the next week! In the community schools, Sensei taught altogether 21 classes of 2nd grade through eighth grade and had this to say:
          "I can?t begin to tell you how privileged I felt to be able to share with children the ways to be empowered with confidence, physical & mental strength, assertiveness and knowledge to avoid being targeted by a bully! I was so touched by the honest stories the kids told me about their bully experiences and how impressed I was with their vulnerability and strength. I was amazed by the interest and feeling all the kids had when we discussed this difficult topic. At the same time, it broke my heart to hear the kids talk about their experiences and suffering when it comes to being bullied in their lives. It seemed like all of the kids had fun working on the various assertiveness drills we practiced as well as the sport fighting and bully defense drills. I think that a good workshop program should leave the attendants with the desire for more. I sensed that all of the kids were interested in more training at our studio."
We also created a "Wall of Change" where pledges were made to not be bullies and to help the victims of bullies how ever we can. The picture to the right is the final with another 40 pledges. It is very encouraging to see evidence of change!